Quests for your walks around the city
and trips to museums

Take your leisurely walk and turn it into an exciting adventure!
Download the app, choose your quest, and get out to play.

We also provide quest team building ,
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A perfect walk is an adventure!

Street Adventure - is a one of a kind mobile app filled with city quests. Now instead of just walking around the city, you can play and solve mysteries. For a couple hours, you can become a detective, an alchemist, a supernatural specialist, or someone else exciting!


"Just an amazing quest! It made our eyes light up! Really set the mood and made you dive in!"

- Wendy

"We couldn’t even imagine that there are so many interesting things just around the corner! We had a great and very unusual walk; now I know many interesting things that I can share with my friends."

- Ivy

Adventure Awaits!

Join in today

Download the free app, choose a quest, and dive into the game head first! Intricate webs of stories and brilliantly tricky puzzles all in a scenic view of the citya recipe for a perfect day out with friends.

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A Unique Mobile App for Quests

A platform created especially for quests with a big set of game mechanics that makes it easy to organize an amazing adventure.


Different types of answers and questions. Fun to solve!

Games from your childhood!

Hot and cold, treasure hunts and other old school favorites


Quests are automatic. The final results are made by the most unbiased judge — the computer!


Any Time!

Play whenever you want! No schedules, no pre-signups, or any of that boring stuff.

No need to read it

The quests’ tasks and questions are voiced. Keep walking and just listen!

Works Offline

You can download your quest ahead of time. No need for mobile data to play!

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Download the free app, choose your adventure, and get started!

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